leavenworth hills

Our adventures begin when we first go out to check on the fruit to see how it is progressing and then when we finally get to pick it up and bring it to the winery the fun begins. 

Our very own rows
Our very own rows

Beautiful fruit

Bins in place for the harvest

Loading up

Sagemoor Farms Bacchus Merlot

New Rotator at work

Setting up to catch the crushed fruit

Loading up the fermentation room

Punching down the must

Our press is looking good

Isn't it beautiful! Free-run juice

Our pressing setup

Slowly filling up the barrel room

Chuck on an inspection tour

Rows and rows of fruit

7 Hills West fruit on the way home

Bacchus Cab - Cold, Rainy, Snowy Day

Faster boys, it's cold out here

Making sure the fruit is clean

Here it comes, soon the bin will be full

Preparing to test the residual sugar

Fermentation is over, now time to press

Gotta love that new forklift rotator

Sometimes we have to pose

Filling up the barrels